Dave Payling

Thoughts and Information about my Visual Music Research and Music Production

About Me

I teach on the Music Technology Awards at Staffordshire University. The bulk of this is centred on MAX/MSP, Quartz Composer and other AV tools and audio mastering. MAX/MSP is a very flexible programming tool but I focus mainly on its sound design and audiovisual composition and performance capabilities. The University also has excellent Mastering facilities and, as well as using these in my own work, I teach how to combine software and hardware techniques in stereo and surround production and mastering.

My personal musical output began when playing in various bands in and around Sheffield, South Yorkshire, after leaving school. This developed into solo electronic dance music influenced productions and more recently into more traditional songwriting. I am mainly studio based, use a variety of production techniques and also do freelance mastering work. Information on these productions is on my music page.

Alongside my work and music making, teaching led me to undertake a part time practise based PhD which involved the creation of an audiovisual composition portfolio influenced by visual music, colour and technology. You can find out more information on this on my PhD Portfolio Page.

My PhD, ‘Visual Music Composition with Electronic Sound and Video’ was completed under the guidance of Tim Howle (Medway) and Stella Mills (Staffordshire). A copy can be found on our ePrints site here: http://eprints.staffs.ac.uk/2047/

My earlier research centred on sonification and his composition ‘Listen (Awakening)’ was performed at the Sydney Opera House as part of the ICAD conference in 2004. More recent work focused on composition for Visual (Video) Music with an emphasis on electroacoustic composition and how this can be combined with abstract animation and video conrete.

ICAD Concert Sydney Australia 1995

Many of my fixed media compositions have been performed at concerts and festivals including: the Soundings Festival Edinburgh, MANTIS Festival University of Manchester, flEXiff Experimental Film Festival Sydney Australia, Seeing Sound Bath Spa and NoiseFloor Festival Staffordshire.


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